Release Notes2019.1.1. is the current production version

2019.1.1 is the latest production version of Grade Your Test software.

Version 2019.1.1

Below please find a bullet point description of improvements and fixes implemented for the version 2019.1.1.

  • Improved reporting of skipped questions for manually entered forms.
  • Improved handling of font cache, used to customize blank answer sheets.
  • Properly account for ignored questions when using custom scoring table.
  • For csv files, e.g., grade table files, allow comma as decimal point, as is customary in many European countries.
  • Improved international support, e.g., when processing various user specified data.
  • Improved error handling and reporting in cases when there are unchecked student entry errors.
  • Improved subscription activation process and instructions.

Version 2018.1.1

Greatly Expanded Functionality to Customize Styling of Answer Sheets

  • Expanded ability to customize styling of all elements of answer sheet.
  • Answer sheet title, section headers, student prompt, id table and answer tables—each element of answer sheet can be formatted and styled individually.
  • You can customize font, color, margin, padding, border style, bubble size, etc.
  • For example, if you have a short test for a class of younger students, you can make bubbles in answer table look larger:
    Example of larger answer table, as formatted according to user-defined style.
  • Here is another example of enhanced user control over both content and styling of answer sheet elements: in this example, answer sheet title is modified to be left aligned, and bullet-point instructions are added to the top of the page:
    Example of styling answer sheet to present student instructions at the top.

Student Printout Enhancements

  • Added ability to sort pages of student printout either by student name or by student id.
  • Added option to choose when image of student name is to be printed.
    New Student Printout Options: sort printout pages, show/hide image of student name, etc.
  • Ability to customize format and styling of student printout.
    Example of custom styling applied to student printout.
  • Ability to customize content of each label of student printout.
    Customize content and styling for student printout.

Start New Exam from a Generated Answer Sheet

You can now start a new exam from a previously generated answer sheet. For example, if you have a blank answer sheet generated at, then you no longer need to recreate your exam definition manually before loading completed answer sheets. Simply drag-and-drop previously generated blank answer sheet file into Grade Your Test Desktop program, and the program will read and load correct exam definition that matches the loaded blank answer sheet.

Start a new exam from a previously generated answer sheet: use either drag-and-drop or file menu.

Added Exam Form Barcode

  • Why barcode? New barcode is essential to better identify exam forms.
  • It is import to correctly identify which exam form is being loaded, because now answer sheet forms can vary substantially from each other.
Example of exam form barcode, which is used to identify exam's answer sheet form.